Complete Cooking Guide!

I believe this to be the full list of cooking! Fill up your plates and enjoy!
Any other combinations turns to Ashes which gives you a 10% boost to all resource gains.

[size=18pt]Resource Boosting Foods:[/size]
All resource boosting foods increase the ammount of resource your earn of that particular resource.

Nut Bread
Bread + Nuts + Steam
Nutty Cheese Soup
Cheese + Nuts + Stew
Vegetables + Nuts + Stew
Spicy Beef Jerky
Meat + Nuts + Smoke
Fiss Sammich
Bread + Fish + Grill

[size=18pt]Favor Boosting Foods:[/size]
All favor boosting food gives +20 favor to the god after battle.

Walnuts & Cranberries
Nuts + Fruit + Roast
Pineapple and Peppers
Vegetables + Fruit + Grill
Filet and Lobster Tail
Fish + Meat + Bake
Fish and Fruit Salsa
Fish + Fruit + Fry
Sticky Granola Bar
Nuts + Honey + Fry
Fish Fillet & Honey-Lemon Sauce
Fish + Honey + Grill
Fruit + Bread + Bake
Bread Pudding
Bread + Honey + Fondue
White Fish & Vegetables
Fish + Vegetables + Bake
Beef Brisket & Dried Fruit
Fruit + Meat + Fry
Sweet & Smoky Beef Jerky
Meat + Honey + Smoke
Chestnut Honey & Alpine Cheese
Cheese + Honey + Fry
Apple Slices & Melted Swiss
Fruit + Cheese + Fondue
Extra Sweet Corn
Vegetables + Honey + Steam
Almond-Crusted Fish
Fish + Nuts + Smoke

[size=18pt]Loot Boosting Foods:[/size]
All loot boosting foods increase the drop chance of their associated category by +100%

Cheesy Bread
Cheese + Bread + Bake
[size=12pt]BREEDING RECIPES[/size]
Steak Tips & Cheese Sauce
Cheese + Meat + Fondue
Cinnamon Apples & Honey
Fruit + Honey + Fondue
Beef & Baguette
Meat + Bread + Roast
[size=12pt]MINOR SIGILS[/size]
Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese
Cheese + Vegetables + Steam
Beef Vegetable Soup
Meat + Vegetables + Stew
Lobster Mac & Cheese
Cheese + Fish + Smoke
[size=12pt]SPELL GEMS[/size]
Garden Vegetable Bread
Vegetables + Bread + Roast

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No eggs?

Honestly this guy is the worst chef in the universe. Who fries fish w/ vegetables and gets a mouthful of ashes? Disgraceful.