Conflagration (spell) issue

When playing as a Pyromancer, you have the perk “Firestarter” which reads:
Enemies always have Burning. Creatures with Burning take damage based on the inflictor’s intelligence each turn.

Question: Who is the inflictor in this case as they always have it and no one cast it on them.

The spell (not the perk but the spell gem) conflagration reads:
Target (single) takes a small amount of damage, and all enemies (all 6 I suppose) take damage equal to 35% of the damage the target’s Burning debuff would deal over its remaining duration.

When I cast this spell with my Brownie Mauler, you can see (in the uploaded picture of the battle logs) there is an initial damage of 4106. Then, as the spell reads, all 6 of the enemies should take 35% of the remaining Burning debuff (which never ends) but since (I think), there is an infinite variable, they take 0 damage on the next 6 lines of the logs.

I’m able to reproduce this with any group of enemies so it’s not just this one case. I get why it can’t do an infinite amount of damage from a single cast but there could be coding added that emulates the burning debuff having the maximum possible remaining duration achievable outside the Pyromancer class and let the damage be calculated from that.

Pyromancer - Pyromancer’s quite literally thrive on watching the world burn. These maniacal magi ignite both friend and foe alike with a brilliant conflagration, causing their enemies to suffer gruesome deaths while empowering their allies with the power of flame.

The word conflagration being a perk and included in the Pyro class description, along with a spell gem seem to indicate it being a signature ability for the Pyromancer class. It would just be nice to have it work better.

Thank you!

Conflagration will be fixed in the next patch, thanks for the report!

To answer your question, Burn’s potency from Firestarter is based on whichever of your creatures has the highest Intelligence.

Fantastic, thank you so much!!