Connecting different plateform

I don’t know if it was suggested but i could find a mention of it with the search option. So i bought the game on my phone and on steam (cause i am addicted to it and also cause for once i wanted to support the community) and i would love to link my two accounts somehow. So i dont end up grinding the boring part (early part mostly). I dont know if it can be implemented but i would love that! (Maybe a problem of matching version due after zac comment). Anyway thank so much for the fun!

It may be possible to transfer your save file directly depending on your OS. Are you using Android?

I suppose my answer should be: saddely no, I am using an old iphone 4.
If it is possible please let me know as I would be happy do it else. Thank you for your time.

As far as I understand, the apple version won’t transfer over to the pc. I could be wrong; Zack?

It’s not available on the iPhone 4 without jailbreaking it. 7 has a transfer option for iCloud files, but as I use a i4 as well, I don’t know how you’d use it.

I don’t know/ want to jailbreak my phone as believe it might bring me trouble than anything else.
As for the second part of your message, I am not sure if i understood you right but: (windows?) 7 offer a possibility to upload to the iCloud a file. Which could potentially be used by the app afterward. I will look into that, if anyone mention it somewhere.
Then would come the problem of getting it back right?

I was mistaken, here’s the relevant info:

You have to have at least iOS 8, then download the iCloud Drive, which lets you transfer files into the iCloud you can reaccess them through any of the varied iDevices, or from your account directly on your PC/Mac.

Direct quote:

[i]iPhone 4 customers

iPhone 4 doesn’t support iOS 8 or iCloud Drive. If you upgrade your iCloud account to iCloud Drive, you won’t be able to use iCloud with Pages, Numbers, or Keynote on an iPhone 4. You’ll still be able to use the iWork apps on an iPhone 4, but without iCloud.[/i]