Consistent Freeze on entering area

had the prophecy to win, after reloading game and picking another team, same thing, also have gladiators bane lv 101.
edIt: tried it like 4-5 times in a row, all with different teams, once you step on area, game goes into permanent freeze state while loading cpu quite a bit. nothing else happends. only way to stop it is to finish the process.

Could you please send me your save file so I can see what’s causing the issue?

sure and i remember similar case - earlier yesterday or today i lost save file cuz game froze on attempting to enter lv 289 of normal realm, since that i only now reached back that level.
I remember Umaro and a few other players had the same bug earlier when hitting realm level 127 - its in forum history. so now it seems i reached back lv 289 (teleported out at 288) and that what caused the original problem.
Hope that reference will help
BTW now that it crashed on LV 289 save file was deleted as well (after finishing process) on arena freeze it didnt though.
Also for some reason normally importing from cloud doesnt work - it says it has been transferred successfully but it doesnt write (but while you are in cloud menu thouse files are still downloaded to users/username/appdata/local/siralim3/
but it fails to copy needed file to siralim3/save and rename it to needed slot, have to do it manually while in cloud menu

Thanks! However, I’m not seeing a freeze or anything weird at all when I enter the arena on your save file. Is there something else you need to do to trigger it?

hmm, did i send right one, try to use teleportation shrine, it should be set to lv 289 (max). let me check yep damn that one had lv 287 in it, that one is correct with 289 sorry, now absolutely, something on 289 triggers it, on 287 arena seemed intact

Thanks, found the problem!

cool. hope we can see some sort of mini-patch today, since it sorta locked game after reaching 289 normal realm :slight_smile: thanks for your great work too, i liked prophecy system, now it will carry us for long :slight_smile: and also getting god favor now at least has some purpose too )