Consumable Idea

Consumables are a nice way to get a little buff in combat, but they are tedious to use if you want to use one every battle.

So I would like to suggest a option to autouse a item.
Idea is that you want to get the bonus granite for instance. If I have 20 of those items it would be very useful to just have it autouse after every battle.

This is curretly ingame, the pocked dumpling uses a one of your consumables automaticly (random) at the start of every battle :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh, guess I either haven’t noticed that or haven’t run across it. Still would be nice to have a autouse of a specific consumable.

Go to Bynine, he sells it.

I’d pay 20-30 emblems for a Super Dumpling that uses the consumable of your choice until it runs out. I always get bored of trying to use them for farming that I just give up, and I don’t want to waste important consumables at random, or keep picking out the one-defense consumables.