Contributions to realm loading time

I noticed that the artifact realms reduce the loading time to about 9-10 seconds compared to nether realms with enemies in the millions of levels taking 50-55 seconds to load.

The big contributor to loading times for realms seems to be how the game either handles high lv enemies and/or calculating total stats with high gen enemies.

This could also explain the 3-7 seconds taken to spawn enemies with strife between battles in high realm depths.

Inventory stats
1169 in stable
3100 runes

What does the game do between realm selection and displaying the realm to the player?

The impact of enemy generation/spawning can be observed by the feather in Aeolian’s realm.
Aeolian’s feather spawns more enemies, but does not change the realm layout.

The feather takes about 2.5 seconds in a level 1 hyper nether realm to generate new enemies. About 21% of the realm loading time @ 12 seconds.

About 20 seconds at hyper nether realm 1356. Which is about 40% of the loading time for realm 1356 @ 51 seconds.

What makes enemy generation so intense?

1216 stable creatures
2300 runes
1000-1100 spells
~375 eggs

Discarded ALL materials, stable creatures, eggs, charms, spell gems, runes, and sigils. I made a save backup.
Save, exit, reload game

Aeolian’s realm
hyper nether realm 1447: Loading time: 80 seconds
Feather enemy gen time: 24 seconds.

Save file used.

slot1-except-cores.sav (512 KB)

slot4-nothing-nocores-cards-runes-etc.sav (256 KB)

Made lots of optimizations for this in the next patch!

Post patch experience
Summary: Overall reduction of around 20 seconds on primary save. 35 second reduction on barebones save file.

Nether bosses are really fast at ~1.5 seconds.

The load time median is now about 60 seconds compared to 80 seconds before the patch. Reducing my stable size from 1200 to ~686 shaved ~3-4 seconds off the time. The feather takes 19 seconds(down from 24) to generate new enemies. This was tested from hyper nether realms 1466-1482. The load times don’t seem to be increasing by much.

On my other save file with everything discarded, the load times are around 45 seconds at realm 1447 compared to 57 seconds on my primary save file.