control pad problem on OnePlus5T

I got control pad issue on the Android OnePlus5T.

My system is Android 8.1.0 OnePlus5T.

The actual touch area of the D pad and AB buttons are not matching to the key pad image show on the screen.

Although I already refund the game from google play, but please fix this problem and I will purchase this game one more time.

Same issue on an LG G6. Well, the dpad and buttons never aligned on this phone, but since updating to Android 8 they’re like an inch away from where they appear on the screen…


OK, the issue is that Siralim 2 does not play nicely at 18:9 resolution. This is easily fixable. You have to force the app to run in it’s native resolution. Simply go to Settings–> Display --> App Scaling–> scroll down to Siralim 2 and set it to run in Compatibility (16:9). Presto! Works perfectly!