[cooking] Memorize unsuccessful recipes


I’ve searched the forum for a suggestion like the one I’m about to propose but haven’t found anything. So if it has already been suggested, please forgive me !

Would it be possible that the chef memorizes the recipes that have been unsuccessful so that we don’t try it again because we have forgotten it was unsuccessful ?

I know this can be done by writing down the combinations we try somewhere, but I think it would be great it that feature could be added in game.

I agree with this.

It feels like a unnecessary hassle (chore) to make notes myself, seeing as this involves no strategic planning whatsoever. It would be convenient!

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Started by Bewi[/quote]

Username checks out.

And randomize the recipes. As it stands now I have everything memorized so when I start a new game its pretty much a silly restriction.

Don’t love this idea, unless it’s a startup option like we used to be able to randomize creatures ( :-[).

Zack, Could we hear what you think about the feature to memorize unsuccessful recipes ?