Copied Breath of Life does not heal after resurrecting a creature

Situation: Breath of life with Sorcery mage perk Echo.

In the screenshots attached, Phase Knight cast breath of life to a dead creature (Consuming Vortex), but the second breath of life doesn’t heal Consuming Vortex.

This is working as intended. When a creature does something, all the actions happen at the same time. So Breath of Life is being used twice at the same exact time, meaning the second one won’t do anything because the creature is technically dead.

Doesn’t Breath of Life say “Target recovers a massive amount of Health, even if it is dead.”? My understanding of the word “even if” is that the spell ALWAYS recovers the health, AND also resurrect when the target is dead. It just seems weird that the copied spell does not heal because the creature is technically dead, given that it should always heal regardless of the state of the creature. I guess the different mode (healing mode and resurrection mode) is selected upon casting when target creature is dead, not when the spell resolves.

I suggest to reword the Breath of Life to “Target recovers a massive amount of Health, or target is brought back to life with a massive amount of Health if the target is dead.” (similar wording template to Scourge spell). This way both spells understandably resolves to the if condition (resurrection mode).

Another argument against all actions happening at the same time: Enlightenment with echo. If Enlightenment and their copies happen at the same time, the amount of intelligence increased should have been consistent, the copied Enlightenment shouldn’t increase intelligence by only 10k after the target’s attack has been set to minimum.