Corrupted Chest Duty not Completing

  1. Bug

  2. While performing the duty to cleanse a corrupted chest. I go to the chest in question and it activates a battle in which the boss music plays. I win the battle but there is no message saying I won the battle and the chest remains closed. I interacted with the chest again and it activated another boss battle. But when I won and interacted with the chest again, it initiated yet another battle. This happened for about 5 cycles, until I just gave up and used a bronze ticket to complete the duty. Past versions the duty would be completed after winning the first battle. Was that the intent, or are these corrupted chest duties requiring more than 1 victory to clear?

  3. Windows

  4. 2.0.13

Are you playing the Steam version? This should be fixed in the latest version (2.0.14).

No, this is not the steam version. Just the Windows .exe file.

Wow, they weren’t kidding at all. You respond VERY fast to comments. Thank you and keep up the great work!

I just ran into this bug again on another duty. It was the “save citizen ‘X’ from being attacked by monsters.” This is another duty that triggers a boss battle. I won the battle but there was no message saying I won. I talked to the citizen again and another boss battle ensued. After 2 more cycles, I gave up and used a bronze ticket. This bug (if it is indeed one) seems to pop up on duties that involves boss battles with monsters (save a citizen, cleanse a corrupted chest, etc.).

You will need to play the Steam version for the fix to take effect.