Corrupted save file

I saved and restarted as usual and now i cant start my save file anymore. Is there a way to save it so i can continue playing?

Another screenshot

Playing on version 1.3.19, Android 8.0.0

Having the same issue. Version 1.3.19 on Android.

Same issue here too, in android 9.

Starting a new save works just fine, but my ongoing save, and a save i had from a month ago in the cloud crashes the game with the same error message of springtime in rodia.

Maybe your latest event crashes old saves? I tested opening my save offline and it works, but crashes when going online.

So yeah people, we can play, just not take part of the latest event.

Same here, except on iPhone. 1.3.19 version. First time I tried to load it, I got the error I have a screenshot of. Second time, it just crashed the game.

Add me to the list of folks with this exact issue. Game version 1.3.19 on Android, exact error details. Thanks!

Edit: Per the forum announcement, working again. Thanks!