Cosmic Giant Cores

I bought three Cosmic Giant cores from Bynine some time ago, but forgot to get a fourth to make a Neather one with. Now he doesn’t seem to sell them anymore. Is this a recent change, or does his stock of cores rotate? and where else can I get a Cosmic Giant core?

Also, despite having summoned a Cosmic Giant, I haven’t encountered any in the realms. Nor Troll Alemasters, Mite Interlopers, Minotaur Battlemasters, or Blademasters, all of which have been chilling in my stable for quite some time. I have seen Angel Soulslayers and Nightwing Gargoyles, however.

The recent patch fixed a bug that was causing the wrong cores to be sold there.

Cosmic Giants are unlocked on tier 18. If you’ve already unlocked that tier, you will find them naturally in the wild and you will be able to extract them there.

Hey, come to think of it, I haven’t seen any Minotaur Battlemasters or Mite Interlopers either. Didn’t even think about it until now. Huh.
When I found the Troll Alemaster, I reverted to a backup save file, because I didn’t want all my attackers being hit with Buzzed every single fight. (It’s not paranoia if the RNG really is out to get you…) But if the Alemaster is a “safe” monster like the Paragons, I’ll pick it up.

A message shows up for all three of those (Minotaur Battlemaster, Troll Alemaster, and Mite Interloper) but I have yet to see any of them actually show up in encounters. Same as the Paragons. I’m guessing there’s actually a bug, there, but I’ve seen it talked about before. I don’t know if it’s intended or not. (In the case of the first three, it’s actually kind of problematic because it means you can’t get more cores for them.)

The blademaster would be the same if the wrong core for sale bug isn’t there I think.

Is there a way to get the Blademaster at all now that he’s no longer in the shop?

No way as far as I know.

I heard that you can probably find them if Zack fixes a bug that is preventing them from spawning!

Just to make it complete, djinn pyromancer is in the same boat.

That boat better not be aluminum or wood, because otherwise we’re about to have issues.