Cost for creating a charm is listed as two different things


At the candle, the text that first pops up says that charms cost 10k brimstone. The next window when choosing which core to use says it takes 2.5k crystal.

And then it actually charges about 7500-10k crystal and will put you in the negative if you dont have enough.

Both descriptions are lies. Haha

so what does it really require? bug is here true.

EDIT: converted resources to make em round numbers, it costs exactly 10k crystal. weird, rly ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks - sorry for the confusion. It’s supposed to cost 2500 Crystal to make a charm.

supercool, cant wait for it to get implemented.

though you realize it will lead to a huge possibility of resource farm?
take any [A] class lore charm as many as you can get, take it to itherian realm, f*!$n kill! profit. 2500 for charm, realm with very good rolls (highest level, 45+% bonus roll)- about 300 crystal drops around lv 30 i think for me (or what level i tested that charm on), if their creaures are about your level. thats if you dont have resource bonus on crytals exactly. Well at least we ll get a single way to farm resources. with 10k cost it would take a too high char/realm level. with 2.5 k its possible aroun 350 lvl your/enemy mobs to at least get even.

Anyway may i ask 2 questions -
do cards even drop? never seen one yet :stuck_out_tongue: or you dont even start to see em if not S rank creatures?
im around 2940 battles won yet though. 6.5k achiv pts, no creatures yet at S apart from ITH

talismans - they dont work yet for drop rate right, but after 100 they should get some power - will it work or its not in the game yet too?