Could not connect to cloud storage

On Win10 Steam version 2.4.0 of Siralim 2, I’m unable to access the cloud. I simply get the “Could not connect. Please try again later.” message. I figured I’d give it a bit of time, but it’s been about 2 full days now. I’m completely able to work the cloud from my android phone version 2.4.0, but can’t get anywhere on my PC. I would attempt a reinstall, if necessary, but I’m not sure if it would help or if there is any risk involved with it. I’m good on moving and replanting the saves if it’s as simple as a copy paste and paste again process. Thanks!

I got a bit impatient and attempted a reinstall but to no effect. Still having the same problem, phone version still works just fine. I’m not sure if there are extra configuration files hiding anywhere I should have deleted for a cleaner reinstall, but… was worth a shot!