Couple bugs.

  • Leper Blightbringer causes your team to get a random debuff at the start of combat. The enemy team does get the two advertised debuffs, though. Also, Blightbringer and Tortured Leper are buff stackable with themselves. Which seems a bit too easy to abuse to me, especially Blightbringer + Plaguespreader.

  • Macabre Masochist’s “Boon to Bane” still affects friendly buffs. Personally I rather like her doing so, although it’d be way better if her buffs were ignoreable.

  • Masochist Witch is quite possibly one of the worst creatures in the game. Just throwing it out there, as I’ve got a bit of a Leper/Masochist theme going on. Might be an idea to make her own debuffs ignoreable?

  • Lurid Masochist is mostly just a worse anti-magic creature. I strongly suggest either increasing the chances of her triggering dramaticly, or just have her make your guys immune to “debuff abusers”.

  • Djinn Dreamwaker dosen’t seem to recognize his own mana-pool, should it be above his base stats, and the animations for his spells are all over the place.

EDIT: Also, “Sacrifice at Blank” seems to occassionally allow the AI to use cross-class spells and Favoured Masochist would synergize a lot better with her tribe, if she increased outgoing, and reduced incomming, damage by 10% per friendly debuff. They’re so squishy.

More Masochist/Leper bugs.

Leper Defiler: He seems to give you way, way, way too many debuffs a turn.

Favoured Masochist: She dosen’t appear to give you a 30% damage increase per debuff, as advertised. But rather a mere 30% for being debuffed. Not entirely sure though but it might be worth having a look at her.

Oh, and the pool for Leper/Masochist debuffs dosen’t include Poison or Burn. Meaning that they’ll never get produced by your Lepers or Masochists.

And I found out why the Leper Defiler is giving me too many debuffs. Each turn he grants ALL of my creatures a debuff, rather than just the active one. Which would’ve been broken as all hell, had Favoured Masochist been functioning as intended.

Burn and Poison aren’t in the pool for pandemonium tokens or realm debuffs either.