Couple of Questions about cross platform

I currently have the game on Windows, and I am thinking about buying it for my phone as well. I have a couple of questions before I do.
Can you migrate saves across platforms? I currently have been able to transfer my save between computers by copying the folder in %LOCALAPPDATA%, Assuming I have access to the file system on my Android, could I move the save over?
I should probably install the demo on my phone but I would like to hear from anyone who has played on both versions about the pros and cons on the control schemes.
I assume the game would run fine on my Galaxy S5.
I also assume that there isn’t a discount for purchasing both versions, though you might want to have a bundle available at some point.

Yes, the save files will work on any device or OS. You can transfer the save files from your PC to Android at \data\data\com.thylacinestudios.siralim\files.

The controls on mobile devices involve a virtual d-pad and 2 on-screen buttons. It’s kind of like an on-screen gamepad controller. There are several options available to change their opacity, location, and size to suit your needs.

As far as the controls go, I’ve played on Windows and Android, and the android controls are basically what you’d expect. An onscreen D-Pad and A+B. You’ve probably played other games with the scheme. It works fine in Siralim because it isn’t an action game, so you don’t need split second response and precision. I don’t generally like on-screen controllers myself, but haven’t really had a problem with Siralim. As far as I know, the android version has gamepad support too, but I’ve never tried that functionality out.

I didn’t really see a problem with paying $5 because I really enjoy this game, but I understand what you mean about buying it once and having it across platforms. A lot of games do this, and if I had to guess, we may see something like that in the future.

Thanks for the responses. I am glad I can transfer saves across.


I’m playing on Android and I would love to play the game on Windows. But I would like to keep my progress. The problem is I think you need root access on Android to backup the save file.

Is there any way you implement a cross platform cloud backup/restore of any kind ? Like on Google Drive or something like that. That would be really cool and you could backup you data somewhere so that you don’t lose it.

Cloud storage is a planned feature, but unfortunately not one that will come any time soon. The only way to make a backup with Android/iOS for now is to obtain root access.

OK it’s nice to know it may come in the future !