Crash after first fight of realm, possible 'From Hero to Zero' bug?

Edit: Also happens on Android, though I did get through one fight before crashing on the second.

Game version: 1.1.1
O.S.: Windows 10, Android 10
Crash Log: None that I’ve seen - the game will just hard crash (Siralim Ultimate is not responding), usually on the first fight of any given realm.
Bug Info: This started happening after I gave Elqor (Elqor/Mimic) the “From Hero to Zero” trait material in its artifact slot. I’m running a Godspawn Rhodian Master team. As such, I have a (admittedly jank) macro set up to attack my Noxpit on turn one of the battle to take Venedon’s Soul Reaver trait before Noxpit loses it due to its own trait. I’ve never had Siralim crash before this, and now it crashes every fight that I use that macro. Fighting manually without attacking Noxpit does not cause the game to crash.
Android Screenshot, moment of crash:

Temp Cloud ID Save: 794838481111

My build, in case it helps: Siralim Team -