crash at the end of the "tutorial"

If your game crashes, please copy and paste the full error message below, or post a screenshot of it.
No error, after asking me name, sex, and explaining a little of lore the game just crashes.

Please describe in as much detail as possible how to reproduce the bug or crash.
New game, finishing the tutorial, and when the real game should start it just crashes.

What operating system are you playing the game on? Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, or Playstation?
If it’s Playstation, please also state your region (NA or EU). If it’s a mobile device, please state the device’s model/brand (such as Nexus 5 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 4).

Android 4.4.2

What game version are you playing? You can find the version number on the title screen in the lower left corner.

I should add that I know I’m not playing on a poweful phone at all but I played a lot of the first Siralim and I never had any crash nor frame drops.

Siralim 2 requires at least 1 GB RAM to run, so I suspect that’s not the case for your phone, unfortunately. :frowning:

Yes sadly that’s what is going on. Means no siralim 2 for me :frowning:

Thanks for the quick answer anyway.