Crash on iOS/iPad

  1. Crash

  2. Just started a game… game has been running slowly on iPad 2, unusually slow as Siralim 1 worked completely fine and I have ~30 hrs on iPad with it. Crash occurred after first entering a realm in the tutorial and attempting to start the first real battle/wild encounter

  3. iOS

  4. 1.08

  5. Completed the early tutorial outside of the Siralim castle with no issues, but game started slowing down a lot once entering the castle.

Yes I’m using an iPad 2 Also and I had the same problem. What I did is close the app and then restart the whole damn iPad and got it to work but I’m having a problem with my game crashing every time I try and use a spell gem. Tried restarting but to no prevail.

I tested and am also encountering a crash during spell gem casting

iPad 2 has 512 MB RAM and this game requires 1 GB.

If it is really not possible to be played on iPad 2, that should certainly be made clear in the AppStore. As it is there are no listed hardware requirements.

The description was updated a few days ago, but Apple is really slow and hasn’t changed it yet. (It’s already there in the Android App Store).