Crash on save and exit

crach, v1.0.12 test1

I loaded up my save for the first time, completed some rituals, went into level 53 that i had stopped, killed a monster and completed my duty and also upgraded a gem.
Then hit save and exit and I got a windows screen saying that siralim has crashed, I hit debug but didn’t get something that seemed useful.
The siralim crach debug screen did not appear.

I havent managed to reproduce this yet as I have managed to save and exit twice since.

Occurred again, not sure what triggers it yet.

Even though i dont get an option to debug now, i still dont get a stack trace to paste here.

I crashed also when moving to the next level.

I assume that all the crashes i have reported are the same thing. Some item fails to save and whenever the game tries to save it crashes

Crashed before battle.

I assume by now that a save happens before battle starts
After battle ended i got the following:
2 artifacts
pandemonium token
1 unicorn stormbringer particle
imling tough
wyvern talon

That was because i completed the duty
Also I upgraded a gem from 4 to 5 but upgrading gems hasnt been a problem, since i tend to save right after so that i dont lose them with the crashes.

I am assuming now that something in artifacts does not save.

Crashed again after duty completed and before fighting another enemy.

Maybe it has to do with duties?

Completed a duty and hit save and exit and game crashed.
I think it is because of the duties

I think I found the problem. It had something to do with artifacts. Sending out a new test version now. Thank you very much for your help!

the issue doesn’t seem to happen any more on test4