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I had a necropolis on one end next to a dead clairvoyant and a living brownie captain in the back row. A spider Occultist, demented carver, and pestilent smog in the front row. I don’t remember the full enemy line up, some were dead, but there was a demented carver and a pestilence crafter. The crafter was pretty low on health and was poisoned. It was the crafter’s attack and when he did, the game crashed (showing attached crash info)

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Android galaxy S5

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version 2.0.9

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My guess on the cause gives me two possible thoughts.

  1. When the pestilence crafter attacked, it bugged out trying to attack a dead creature due to its ability.
  2. When the crafter attacked, the poison brought his health low and the enemy carver attempted to kill it for a boon, but crashed for unseen reasons.

Both are possible as are other variables, however, looking at the crash text and the fact that the crash happened at the moment of attack, I will assume it is most likely the first possibility?

Definitely some kind of problem with the Pestilence Crafter’s ability. Thanks for the report!

Glad to help! Guess this means I’ll need to take those guys out quickly, incase one of my creatures go down. Can’t have those pesky pestilents crashing my parade!