Crash then disapeared save

Hi , first i play on 1.0.6
I was battling at the tavern brawl then i’ve talk to a battle NPC and then the game crash. Unforttunatly i was thinking that it was a common minor bug so i didn’t save the crash report but when i’ve relaunch the game my save wasn’t here. I don’t know if you can make anything without the crash report but i still ask

Forgot to say that i was running on windows 10

Ok and now that i’m trying to use my old cloud save i cant play it anymore , i import it but the game don’t allow me to continue on it. When i import it the save disapear and the only choice that remain is new game and if do it , finish the tutoriel and save i can reload that one but not my old save or my cloud save xD i don’t understand anything xD As torun says : @:!# this :^-’@ brawl pnj :’(

Hi, I’m really sorry you lost your save file! If you’d like me to create a new save file for you, I’d be happy to do so. Just tell me roughly how far along you were, what your creatures were, and any other major things you earned on that save file and I’ll do my best to try to make one.

As for the cloud issue: could you please either PM me on these forums or e-mail me at with your cloud ID so I can see if it’s an issue with the save file, or something else so I can get it fixed? Thanks!

Ok thanks you for your help , i’ve send you an e-mail, Thanks a lot !