CRASH when a creature dies

CRASH happening occasionally (once every ten minutes or so) when a creature is killed in battle (not sure if it’s only enemy creatures, though likely).

Error message attached as screenshot.

Siralim 2.0.2 on iPod Touch 5G (Very rarely encountered on iPad Air with the same game version too)

I believe this will be fixed in 2.0.7 when it’s released - should be any day now. Sorry about the crashes!

It has something to do with one of your creatures’ abilities. Do you have a creature with an ability that activates on death? If so, that is what’s causing the crash, so your best bet is to not use that creature for now.

And just out of curiosity, could you tell me what creature(s) you’re using have an on-death ability?

Hi Zack,

Thanks for the quick answer! I don’t use a creature with an on-death ability at the moment though (Unicorn Vivifier, Ravenous Ghoul, Dragon Soldier, Iron Golem, Berserker Fiend, Servant Hunter).

can’t wait for this one to be fixed. suddenly since the lv5 ritual creature unlock I have been getting crashes after killing enemies! will be nice when its fixed :slight_smile:

That means it’s probably the ability of an enemy creature that causes the crash. If you notice any creature that teens to be in the enemy line up each time, I’m sure Zack would be interested. Though hopefully tomorrow that iOS game update will get to the apple version.

Well I am really hoping tomorrow apple has their butts in gear and pushes threw the latest update. I am enjoying this game so much and now I have decided to put it down until the update due to the constant crashing simply from attacking. been wasting many items trying to clear realm and right before I am about to finish an artifact one last monster is around that fights me and bam crashes as soon as I click attack on random monster.

Won’t lie… took about an hour to get that far to lose it all and wanted to throw my phone lol. I really gotta wait for the fix for the sake of my phone and frustration lol. For anyone whos played the current version has any crashes happen still with 2.0.6 cause at the moment I can’t even finish a single realm or its about 1/4 odds I do finish one :frowning:

There are occasional crashes, but they’re generally sure to me leaving game and coming back after whatever thing I switched to, so more on the side of confusing the game than anything real. That, and the giving all my creatures 1 luck then divide by 0. XD
I laugh only to keep from crying. (If only those pesky spells didn’t exist… cough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )