Crash When Summoning

  1. When I summon any creature (it seems) at the castle brazier, the game crashes.
  1. (Screenshot attached)

  2. I have attempted to summon the life, nature, and chaos mages’ “starting creature” in the initial castle quest, and then a Unicorn Vivifier, but each time the game crashed.

  3. I’m playing on a Kindle Fire HD (Fire OS)

  4. This brings up another potential issue. I purchased the game from the Amazon App Store for $0.99, but it says my version number is 1.2.3 (Demo). Also, when I was playing, there was an option in the menu to purchase the game, telling me it’s free until level 15. When I pressed on it, it failed to bring me to a purchasing screen, and said it could not connect to the app store.

The game actually isn’t for sale on the Amazon App Store, and until you mentioned it I had no idea that this was happening. I checked into it and this company is illegally distributing my game on the Amazon App Store. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Please get in touch with Amazon and get a full refund immediately, and I am going to contact them now and get it removed from the store.

Oh, I didn’t at all realize, or notice the company’s name on the app store. I will be sure to do that. Are you able to say if you plan to release it on Amazon? The game seems very good and I’d love to play it :slight_smile:

Yes, the plan is to release it on Amazon sometime during the first half of this year :slight_smile:

Awesome, I’ll be sure to buy it

If you’d like to play the game for Windows/Mac in the meantime I’d be happy to provide you with a free key for it to compensate you for your troubles. I just contacted Amazon so hopefully they’ll remove it from their store soon.

Oh yep, just noticed the second part somehow. It’s not too much of a trouble, but I’ll accept a key, thank you for that! I’ll still buy it when it comes out on Amazon

Well when I say it wasn’t much trouble, I didn’t mean you were at all at fault, of course

You were still inconvenienced anyway, so you should be compensated!

Check your PMs when you get a chance for your key.

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

Of course, and thank you very much for the support