Crash while converting resources

System; Windows 8.1
Game version; 0.1.12

This one came across as a bit odd. I was converting resources via the Goblet of Giving when a crash occurred. I started by exchanging Power into Essence - I don’t remember the exact values, but it left me with 999 Essence. I wanted 1000, so without closing the menu I attempted another exchange. Upon selecting Essence as the resource to be converted into, the game crashed.

Attempts to recreate the crash have been fruitless. The only other info I can give is that prior to the exchange, I had Ianne craft a new Boots artifact, I put a legendary material on it, enchanted it with Speed 4 times and was missing about 500 essence for the last Speed enchantment, hence going to the goblet.

The crash log is displayed in the screenshot. I forgot to copy it into a document before print screening the game, but fortunately all the information required should be in the screenshot anyway.