Crashes for android version on Zenfone 5 (Intel Atom)


2)The usual force close message for Android

3)CRASH at the very start without even reaching the start screen. I got past the Thylacine logo though.

4)Android 4.3

5)Most recent one, 2.0.3, I believe.

6)Played on my Zenfone 5 (Intel Atom Z2560)

Sorry about that, I’m releasing a patch for this today.

Excellent support as always. Looking forward to the new update.

The update is out now. Are you still having issues?

I am still having the force close for the 2.0.7 android version.

Did you play the game without any issues before the 2.0 update? I am puzzled as to why this is happening.

No problems so far before the update

I’ll keep searching for a solution. Very sorry about that!

I got past the force close with the newest version 2.0.9. Thank you very much.

Great to hear that! Thanks for letting me know.