Crashing often on Android

Hi Zack,

First of all, thank you for your amazing work and game, it’s truly great.

Last couple days you’ve released a some updates on android that are meant to increase stability and fix crashing issues. Though I am still experiencing a lot of crashes after those updates. People from the discord community advised me to make a forum post to supply you with my save file.

I know the game is kinda heavy so when I start playing I restart my phone, clear memory & cache and close all running applications. This helps, but doesn’t remove crashing and after some time the crashing flares up again. I crash often during fights, but my game can slow down a lot during and outside of battle. The game becomes laggy and my character moves very slowly.

I would like to supply you with my cloudsave so you could have a look when able to. I really love the game and want to keep playing eagerly, but as of now the crashes are too frequent to keep playing and enjoying.

I hope you could tell me how to provide you with my savefile and that you have the time to have a look and hopefully find the cause of the crashes.

I have an Oneplus 6 running android 11.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you. I wish you a nice day. :smile:

I actually don’t see any crashes on the latest version (Google collects them so I can read them), so please make sure you’re fully updated.

I just downloaded an update today. I will play vigorously and will let you know if anything major happens.

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Since the last update, crashing has been fixed for me! No more crashes at all, fortunately! Amazing job Zack!
Though at certain times the game does start to run Very slowly/lags and then recollects itself and runs smoother again. Usually after playing for a longer time. Though I think this issue is caused by my phones memory being bloated and being unable to lower memory usage.

Just wanted to check back in an let you know that the update you did fixed the crashing!