Crazy fast menu scrolling on Xbox 1

I just got Siralim 3 on Xbox 1 and I’m having a serious issue. The scroll speeds for every menu in the game, including the menu on the title screen and the name selection menu, are insanely fast to the point that it’s infeasibly difficult to do anything. To select anything I need to tap up or down ridiculously fast and even then it still skips at least two or three selections up or down most of the time. The same thing is happening for all the buttons on the controller actually; each click of a button registers as two or three clicks so that it’s hard to open/close the menu tab in the first place. It’s really hard selecting attacks/targets or trying to equip items because of this as well since even just a quick tap confirms several rapid selections. As far as I can tell there is no way in any of the options to change this. I wanted to keep playing because the game seems interesting but it’s all but unplayable like this. Has anyone else had, or heard of, this problem?

Do you have multiple gamepads connected? I’m not sure if that would cause an issue but as an experiment, you could try ensuring you only have one connected and see if that helps. If you only have one already, try re-pairing the gamepad with your Xbox.

I did have a really cheap controller in a different port. I took it out and the issue seems to be fixed. Thanks so much for the suggestion and the lightning fast response!