Crazy team thoughts?

Sorcery with 50 mana, nether with diamond attunement/anomaly/speed aura/whatever 2 perks (id strongly suggest spell tap on any team based nether though, sharing 14 spells is a powerful s*t).
5 any int/speed based mobs with mana bomb/int boost artifactss/ (though have to test how +50% damage works vs extra int, but i believe for same level +30-50% content it will be enough)
replacing diamon attunement sorta risky since you can get a lot more precast spells with pallida from enemies. Extract-friendly.

I currently use chaos with max magma,
Nether as h mouth cerberus with spell tap/mana bomb/hellblast/derision
Supplementing team that change over time a lil, but generally holds at least hate and other triumphs/or diamond/anomaly/limitles/endurance aura - other stuff is completely optional (you cant just redo your nether since it has innate trait and 100500 tomes in, id build it completely around diamond attunement innate, since it wont be self-negated)/

speed aura nether/max speed on char.
nether is set to go first/extract.
Some things break it, like harpyes/elf monks, but you ve got 5 more team members that can wipe a good group of 6 single handed anyway in a single cast. Dunno why it happends though. Removing anomaly for instance just makes 1 creature action longer at best.
But makes finishing off mobs a joke.