Create Blend State Error

I get constant Errors While Playing Siralim Ultimate on PC

Win32 Function Failed: HResult: 0x997a0005

Call: GR_D3D_Device → CreateBlendState at line 469 in file \StateManagerM.ccp
Device Lost - reason 0x887a0006

I am running:
Win 11
GTX 1080ti
16 gig Ram
Intel i7 8700

It does not crash the game. it minimizes, shows the error and if you close it you can play as normal. there are not visual bugs or anything but the constant popping of the error becomes a pain. I have not checked whether the line number changes.

It is also at random. while walking in the overworld. during battles and even while just browsing the menus. so difficult to recreate consistently.

I hope this information helps and that this bug gets sorted

This isn’t a bug with the game, but an issue with your video card, video drivers, or DirectX version. Updating your video drivers is most likely to fix it.

there are no new drivers though. I thought as much that’s why I mentioned my specs. but I dont have any pending updates.

I have deleted and reinstalled all my drivers. I will check if it helps

If that doesn’t help, make sure you have DirectX 11 installed (or re-install it to make sure you’re not missing any files).

I Reinstalled my GPU drivers and Reinstalled DX11. The error still pops up from time to time. it is really strange as Siralim Ultimate is the only game I am having issues with