Creature Ability Suggestions

This is just a pair of suggestions for two creatures I’ve noticed that are either lackluster or don’t scale well with the rest of the game.


Viper Occultist - Occultist (Sorcery)
Ability: Incantation (deals more damage equal to your power balance)

This ability is very good when you get it, and gets worse and worse as the game continues and that 200ish damage begins to be less and less significant. I would suggest it either deals extra damage equal to Power Balance (10 + Creature Level), or (Mage Level x 3). Either, or a variant thereof, would scale with the rest of the game.


Sapphire Paragon - Paragon (Life)
Ability: Sapphire Attunement (Speed scaling is negated, high enough Defense can eliminate damage entirely)

As it stands, Defense is rather underpowered in the current battle system; I would suggest adding a clause to the Paragon’s ability that if damage from an attack is negated entirely, it acts as if the attack had hit a Shell, preventing all damage-step effects (status ailments, debuffs, etc.). Because this is a stats-based effect it will never have the power to run infinitely deep, and this would give players a serious reason to stack Defense.

Viper Occultist actually gets its attack multiplied by the power balance, meaning a whopping 3x multiplier at max royality level. This has always been the case but Zack did clarify it in the ability description of the current version: Creature deals more damage equal to the original damage multiplied by your power balance.

That makes much more sense. I was always curious why Viper Occultist was the only monster in the compendium that had a static ceiling to how useful it could be.