Creature Builds and Artifacts Help

Hi I’m new to siralim 3 and am loving the game so far but I can’t seem to find any info on creature builds or artifacts. How do I determine what artifact to give to a creature and properties to put on it? What roles should each of my creatures play in battle? If there’s already a guide out there please send me the link thank you.

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That’s kind of the beauty of the game, a lot of things are pretty viable and you can designate what you want for whatever playstyle you like.

For example my Ottum (Chaos Starter) hits like a truck and multiple times so i gave it an axe to boost its attack power and enchanted it with splash damage so it can spread the damage more. I also enchanted the axe to have a property where if Ottum gets a kill, it gets another turn so it can resume the carnage. The rest of my team is all utility from there to protect it, i have a tank necropolis who boosts defense of his nearby allies and is a provoke machine so nobody else takes the blows. And then the rest of my team has supportive abilities like putting the entire enemy team to sleep, poisoning them, snaring them, and then a dedicated healer/reviver. There is a lot to play around with and I believe an infinite number of team comps work this game, just theorycraft what looks good or fun and play it your way :slight_smile:

Looking at a monster’s base stats in the library is usually a good start to see where you’d like to start building statwise though!

This was very helpful thank you :slight_smile: