Creature Classes.

I can’t be the only one who finds certain creatures and their class to be a bit… curious. Like, say, Sins, who are obviously demonic creatures, being Death rather than Chaos or Basilisks and Salamanders, both of whom are creatures associated with alchemy and the arcane, being Chaos rather than Sorcery.

Now, obviously there are creatures that make more sense for their given class than what one might immidiately think, like Efreet being Sorcery creatures that utilize Fire magic because, well, they use magic and fit into the eastern/middle eastern theme of Sorcery. But, really, there are quite a few headscratchers out there that make it difficult for people to formulate anything resembling a headcanon.

I’m curious as to what “what?”-creatures you have on your particular list of entities that might benefit from a relocation.

Off the top of my head:

  • Sins being Death, rather than Chaos. (Demons are Chaos’ thing)

  • Basilisks being Chaos, rather than Sorcery. (Alchemy is Sorcery’s thing)

  • Harpies being Chaos, rather than Nature. (Wind and living creatures is Nature’s thing - no matter what the bird-god says)

  • Salamanders being Chaos, rather than Sorcery. (Alchemy, again)

  • Griffons being Life, rather than Nature. (Animals = Nature - although not a major headscratcher, it’s still there)

  • Stags being Life, rather than Nature. (It’s an animal and seemingly a fey-creature)

  • Unicorns being Life, rather than Nature. (This one has confused people since Siralim the First)

  • Bards being Sorcery, rather than Life (They are named like a Life creature and they even look the part)

  • Yetis being Sorcery, rather than Nature. (Ice is very much a nature thing, even if Azural is doing his best to brute-force it into Sorcery, and they just don’t look or feel like anything Sorcery’y)

On another note, but related note, I’d personally not be oppossed to seeing the Death Bat get some more colleagues in the realm of cross-class creatures. I think it adds a lot of flavor to have 1-2 creatures in a family that “betray” the family-class and I believe it would be of great benefit to build diversity.

Yetis always bothered me for some reason ;D

What off-Class creatures can you think of, though? Stag Spirit and Spirit Vulpes could be Death I guess, but what else? I guess the Golems could each have a different Class, too.

Well, Cosmic Giants for starters.

Sure, they are giants and giant-things are very much something that belongs to nature. But they are also cosmic, which is a Death/Sorcery-thing. Having them change their allignment from Nature to Death/Sorcery would help them stand out more from the other giants and make them feel more “epic”.

Uhh, uhh, and Mite Gravediggers! They are a sure fit-in for Death.

Now, you people got me curious. Id dual-aligned monsters ever possible in Siralim ? Could be a blast for obvious off-class entries.

I’m fairly certain that dual-allignments aren’t possible. Just imagine how it would work with the resistance stats, Scourge spells, spell gems or class related traits. The maths involved alone would be an absolute nightmare, not to mention that dual-alligned creatures would likely be something akin to a mini-nether and potentially overpowered. Besides, lore and all that.

Although I do agree that it could be cool.

Multi-aligned MtG cards comes to mind, actally. And talking about math… It’s already support complex stuff variable-len numbers, so why not some additional calculations ?

multialignment or multi-color(mtg) stuff seems cool for siralim, maybe make some rare items or creatures that are multi class?