Creature Doing Over 100x What It Should

My Sphinx Justicar with an Envy artifact is doing over 200K with Holy Nova. My creature with the highest INT (which Envy should be copying) deals only about 20K at most. Any reason why this might be happening? And when my creature’s INT increases by 50% due to Metal Horseshoe, it does increases a ludicrous amount, as if it had much, much more than it should.

Do you have intelligence aura? Envy copies the stat with the aura applied and then applies it again over it.

No, I don’t have any nether creatures. Even if I did, the chance shouldn’t be this much.

Looks like it wasn’t the aura after all?

[quote=“Umaro, post:4, topic:3042”]

Looks like it wasn’t the aura after all?[/quote]

I don’t even have a nether creature yet.