Creature generation question/suggestion

Hello! I’ve been playing this game and really enjoying it, but something I’ve been curious about (that I can’t seem to find an answer to) is how creatures are generated for a floor! I noticed in the earlier levels that it was really just a mix of all different types (Life, Death, Nature, etc.), but now that I’m a bit higher up in level, I’m noticing more appropriate types for the floors (Dungeon floor seems to have more Death types, Nature floor has more Nature types, etc.) Is this just my imagination and the creatures are still a random mix, or do floors try to match creature types after you’ve unlocked a few tiers of new creatures?

If not, is this something that will be added? I find it strange finding a lot of Death creatures on a Life floor, for instance!

It’s decided at random unless you have a quest that requires you to kill a certain creature.

So it’s random out of the entire pool of creatures available to you, or is there a random pool for each floor, then the creatures are chosen based on that pool? The reason I ask this is that I tend to only see a certain collection of creatures per floor, say each group containing a red storm, for instance!

It’s random based on the entire pool of creatures you have unlocked already.

Thanks for your response! Do you guys have any intentions of making an “advanced option” that allows you to only see creature types of the realm you are in?

Probably not, because that would get pretty boring after a while and it would be especially weird at the start of the game when only 2-3 creatures per class are unlocked.