Creature list?

Is there a full creature list anywhere? If no, can someone post one?

There are 3 creatures that I have no cores of and I can’t account for. (I already have accounted for the steampowered pilwiz and the pumpkin guy).

They are probably from Power Spells.

I am pretty certain, that the missing two creatures are not accessible at the moment (at least via power spells) or are more secret than Slib.

Lets count:
323 sigil creatures

x1 and x2 are not accessible by power spells or they are magnitudes rarer than all others. I have 20+ cores for every power spell creature but neither I nor anyone else have seen even one core of the others. There are no crafting materials accesible for those creatures either.

if you start steam in offline mode you can still get the pillwiz by the way

Has anyone gambled excessively with the dwarves? They might give you something at a certain breakpoint.

The only other things I can think of, now that most of the secrets have been removed, is a reward creature for maxing all skills and reward for a certain Daily Streak level. Can anyone deny/confirm?

You can’t max all skills. And globally, the highest daily streak was around 30 from what it says.

Well, if you guys want to help make one (and don’t mind spoilers for the creature list) go here:

If the 2 creatures existed, my theory is that it would be in the hatchery and library since these 2 rooms are the only ones that didn’t give a creature. The other castle creatures are obtained relatively normally from playing the game though so i have no idea what we need to do here.

Another possibilty as mentioned earlier might be the gambling dwarves but perhaps not from winning a certain sum but from losing a certain sum or winning/losing a certain number of times. Daily reward might be possible also but i think its somewhat unreasonable if >30 streak is required.

Any of the statistics tracked by the game could be used for the missing creatures though I doubt they are accessible that way. Only seasonal/event creatures and Slib do not have a sigil so even if the method to obtain them is unknown we should at least have seen them as sigil enemies if they are castle creatures, from power spells, paragorns or from Bynine.

Perhaps Zack treated them like slib .