Creature Plastic Surgery Station (please)

New Station Project. Like a plastic surgeon… But, magically? That will let us make our fused creatures look like any creature we have (Normal, Exotic, Gods,Godspawn, Skins, ect)…Dumb I know, but alot of good combos just don’t look great when going for a theme build. Also not many of the female creatures work decent for combos~ so this would make their appearance usable.

This game has gotten my sister and I through some tough times during the whole, well everyone knows the struggles lately. Our only complaint is the forced creature graphics and wishing so much! that could some of the neat other creatures, gods, skins, ect graphics for a ‘theme’ team~ or to make friends and family (lost loved ones) in game and not have them look weird!

To anyone whom might say this doesn’t make sense…It’s a single player game and would be optional. Also we are already smashing two creatures together for a random color graphic combo, so truly don’t feel this is to far out of what we should be able to do!

Suggested on Discord, it was up-voted 24 times, which I think is good?

Thanks for reading this!

This is probably my only minor complaint. Fusion look choices are so ugly. I’ve not seen a good one yet. I’ve been with this since alpha and have over 2000 hours logged. This game is the best, and I love the updates!

Skins tend to be the hardest drop, netherstones 1st, then skins. The problem with the few skins you get is you can’t use them if you aren’t running the race. The accessories are meh, they don’t fit well, are awkward, then don’t show up very well.

On the fusion choices instead of the 4 forced choices, could there be a color palette adjuster? Like in other games where you could select each corner of the grid, N, S, E, W, and move the cursor or scroll to get the color you want. Or even an overlay selection also.

And maybe sell skins in the store as we master races. Maybe bring the drop rate up for each race as we master knowledge of them.

One thing I had done in the past was used the candle to help the drop rate. That’s not working anymore.

Customization is my favorite in a game. This game is top in that hands down. Except for customizing our creatures looks.

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I do agree with the skins being made generic to put on a creature regardless of race. As stated by topic creature, it’s a one player game. Cosmetics to be enjoyed by the player. There are some great skins, this would be awesome to be able to use them.

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