Creature sorting

As a relatively new player to the game, I find that I often look for a creature of a certain family (as an example lets say occultist), but I cant remember what the first name of the monster is (example spider occultist). This sometimes leads to having to look through all 300+ monsters in the list to find it, since they are all sorted alphabetically.

What I suggest is making it possible to change between sorting by pure alphabetical order (current) and by family. So that all the occultists and doom fortresses and so on come after one another. You could make it an option that is available if you are at the top monster and push “up” once, then you have two buttons, alpha and family, if you push “up” again you get to the bottom creature like normal.

I dont know how much work this would require, but I would say that this makes it alot easier for new or returning players to find what they are looking for. I know I spend quite some time whenever I try to find a creature that doesnt have its “family” name first.