Creature spawned outside of Daily Realm

  1. This is a bug of the game-breaking variety

  2. Go into the daily realm? I don’t know. It’s May 12th, if that helps.

  3. Playing on Windows

  4. v2.0.19

  5. The patch notes for v2.0.15 said this issue was fixed. You might want to go check that again.

This also happened to me in a normal realm. I also played on Windows version 2.0.19.

It might be that the image is shown in the wrong location. I have several times been attacked by invisible monster groups that don’t appear on the map. It is possible they are linked events of some sort…

I often get glimpses of these whenever i start a fight against a mimic, then they are usually gone shortly after. Dont know if that might be related.

After wandering around in that corner for about a minute, it came close enough to see normally.