Creature Spawning Out-Of-Bounds After Mimic Chest Trap (screenshots included)

  1. [glow=Navy,2,300]Bug[/glow]

  2. [glow=Navy,2,300][sub][sub][Left Blank][/sub][/sub][/glow]

  3. [glow=Navy,2,300]I simply opened a chest, and found a mimic. The screen still having the message “The treasure chest is actually a Mimic!”, an “Iron Golem” creature appeared in the top right corner of the screen, clearly on top of the lava (outside of map boundaries). After the battle with the mimic, the “Iron Golem” has left without a trace.[/glow]

  4. [glow=Navy,2,300]Windows 8[/glow]

  5. [glow=Navy,2,300]Siralim Version 2.2.0[/glow]

  6. [glow=Navy,2,300]Opened Chest>Mimic Text>Creature Spawned Out of Boundaries>Mimic Battle Start-to-Finish>Creature Gone When Battle Ended.[/glow]

  7. [glow=Navy,2,300][P.S.] - I noticed a lot of people having issues with monsters spawning and wondering around outside of map boundaries, just thought this might be helpful.[/glow]

8 ) [glow=Navy,2,300]Screenshot 1:[/glow]

  1. [glow=Navy,2,300]Screenshot 2:[/glow]

Thanks! This is very useful - I didn’t consider that this might be the cause of the problem.

That’s actually a side-effect of any event that “creates” a fight; all of the creatures “spawned in” by a Sigil or Token or what-have-you appear in a stack in the upper-left corner of the map.

My guess is that you saw the Mimic you were about to fight, which showed up as an Iron Golem because there is no Mimic Overworld sprite.