Creature Suggestions

Is there already a creature creation thread? If so, sorry I missed it… if not, could we maybe have a sticky thread for ideas?

Here are some of my suggestions:

Rust Fiend
Fiend (Chaos)
Rust in peace: After being attacked, disarm the attacker for 3 turns. If they weren’t already disarmed, recover 5% max health.

Reaper (Death)
Follow the reaper: When this creature is killed by an attack, 50% chance to kill the attacker.

Reckless Dragon
Dragon (Sorcery)
Black fire upon us: After attacking, each living creature has a 50% chance to gain 1-3 stacks of Burn.

Angelic Crusader
Angel (Life)
Holy wars: At the start of battle, choose a random race from the opponent’s creatures. This creature’s attacks have a minimum damage of 35% (15% vs nether) of the target’s max health against creatures of that race.

Fading Immortal
Demigod (Life)
Godhead’s lament: At the end of this creature’s turn, this and the opposing creature in the same column and row reduce their max and current health by 50% (25% vs nether).

Here you go:

Apparently I’m blind. Thank you!