Creature Tiers and Elements

In the early realm levels I find that different realm types have too similar character distribution. Shouldn’t more Life creatures appear in the Life realm?
I’d like some more variation than the current distribution.

Also, when upgrading the creature tier, even the first level get the higher tier characters.
Though I have yet to survive until realm level 6, i find little difference between lvl 1 and 5.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen the higher lvl realms and that’s why I don’t see more creature types?

Creature distribution is always random - the realm mainly determines what random events happen in battle and what types of loot are available.

The only differences between realm levels are enemy difficulty and loot drop rates; harder realms don’t give you access to creatures you didn’t have at the lower ones. The only way to get more creatures is the tier unlock rituals, and those rituals activate creatures across all realm levels.

I accept that realm level is more a difficulty level. I’d still like some more variation between realm types.

I have to say it, can’t keep it in: like in pokemon :open_mouth:

Have you visited all of the realm? There is quite a difference in each of the realms. Also, I don’t know if it’s on purpose, but I seem to find certain creatures I’ve unlocked almost exclusively on certain realms. Don’t know if it’s just luck or not, but it’s been gaining my curiosity.

I haven’t visited all of them yet, only 4, and the overlap is too great. The life realm is swamped by chaos creatures for instance.

You do see a lot more Chaos creatures in the early game, but this is more due to how the game calculates parties that hold Bats / Diabolic creatures; they have very high chances of spawning other creatures of their type, so as to benefit from their racial buffs. As you get deeper into the game you’ll notice the same tendency with Hounds and Storms. Life and Sorcery, lacking racial creatures, won’t form such groups.