Creatures silenced by realm cast spells

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I encountered a boon in the “death realm” which silenced all enemy creatures at the beginning of battle; however, the 2 enemy Lich Priests were both able to use spells during their turn (not as a result of their artifacts or abilities, as far as I am aware).

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Windows 7

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Screenshot from imgur:

Is it possible that the lich priests had “cast on hit” or “cast when hit” properties on their spells?

Actually, that’s quite possible, what with my Hunter and everything. Good call! XD

I also think that they are casting through silence. I am observing that they are casting spells as the first action. It is unlikely they are activating cast on hit spells as they also have scorn on.

Yeah, I’m now pretty sure that they’re just casting through silence; I silenced a Lich Priest using Starfire and during his turn (which was 2 turns later, mind you) he cast a spell.

Yeah silence doesn’t seem to be functioning, i cast it all the time and enemies use spells anyway.