Creatures wander off diagonally when spamming E on treasure location

  1. Bug

Game version 0.8.2 EDIT - Still present 0.9.1
Platform: Wine on Linux

Steps to reproduce

  1. Collect the treasure map
  2. Locate the X on the map
  3. Provide a good amount of running space in front and behind the X
  4. Run in a straight line toward the X while pressing E very fast (may take a few tries)
  5. The character will move one square before/during the popup that the treasure has been found.

There is now a one square gap between your creatures and the king]
6. Run continuously in one direction that is not facing your creatures.
– The creatures should now move diagonally away from your character and even off the map. In the screenshot one creature was left behind and did not move while the others went off the map.

The effect is graphical and does not persist when finishing a battle or entering/exiting a new realm.

The bug has been present since the 0.3.x series

The bug is still present in version 0.9.1.

Still triggered while pressing E rapidly over X’d spots on map.

Going to make another attempt to fix this soon! Unfortunately, it’s very hard for me to reproduce this issue reliably.