Creatures with Barrier taking too much damage

v. 0.1.6

Creatures that have Barrier are taking much more damage than if they didn’t have Barrier.

My testing:

  1. I chose to test against a Mimic since they have tons of life and won’t die prematurely.
  2. I fully debuffed the Mimic
  3. I cast Shellburst until it had minimum defense
  4. Then I cast 2 rounds of Shellburst with the same creature to get base damage (in this case, 369)
  5. Then I applied a Barrier buff to the Mimic
  6. Then I cast Shellburst with the same creature as above. It hit for 986.

Here’s the results. Mimic is taking more damage with Barrier than without. After the Barrier goes away, Mimic returns to taking 369 damage per cast.
Barrier strength was 1200, it shattered with 2 casts.

Barrier is broken. :frowning: