(CRITICAL) Equipping Spellgems Bonkers

Switching between creatures with left and rigth when about to equip spell gems is very nice.
Unfortunatly that behaviour persists when you actually are choosing a gem, so when you switch pages for which gem you want, it also switches creatures. Makes it quite hard to get the right gem on the right monster at times.

If you happen to equip a gem on an already occupied place which is possible with this it will delete the previous gem that was there!

Thanks! Compiling a hotfix now. Should be up in about 10 minutes.

Hotfix is up now - seems to be working fine now from my tests but please let me know if the problem persists for you.

Downloading update now, btw there are a few places when you are in a dialog and the movment doesnt lock, most noteable the enchanter (unless thats fixed with .6) when you are transmuting materials.

Can confirm hotfix solved this issue. Now try to get well during the weekend zack!