Critical Hits: Question.

I recently gained a creature with the Trait : Critical… and an artifact with the Trait: thirst for Blood. The former grants +100% chance to crit. The latter heals on a crit thus making it readily apparent when a crit does/doesn’t happen. So with +100% critical rate I notice about a third of my hits are not crits, in no pattern I can discern, leaving me with the question… why?

I do understand +100% crit chance =/= 100% crit rate… but what factors exist that reduce my monster’s chance of scoring a critical hit on enemy monsters? Does defense factor in? Speed? Level? Some sort of hidden buff or stat I can’t see?

I’m sure I am missing something and this isn’t a bug… but please educate me as to what I am missing.


Am I right in thinking that you may have misread the trait?

+100% chance of crit doesnt mean that 100% of your attacks will crit - It basically means that your ‘base’ crit % gets a 100% boost (or in other words it doubles).

So basically if your base chance to crit is 33% then the trait takes to 66% (hence the 2/3 of your attacks critting).

Thats how I read it anyway :slight_smile: