Crucification : Balance Concern

I am playing through the story again, this time as a Death Mage.

I have some concerns about the balance of Crucification compared to other single-target spells. On a mostly death team, the single target damage from Crucification seems dramatically higher than other single-target spells. In particular, I have been surprised by how much it trivializes boss encounters.

Yes, you can one or two shot almost all bosses - especially if equipped on high int creatures like Saia. But that’s all. The Problem is not the spell, it is the low boss’ health. I can give you countless setups that trivialize all early game fights.

Besides that I don’t see more damage than Wind Shear. And please do not forget realm 1-48 ist practically early game.

If you change Ashmouth Cerberus to Death and equip it with Crucifixion you can make some pretty solid spell combos. ;D

the existence of anomaly is a problem as well - enemies may outlevel you by 400% but the damage of anomaly + single target magic still vastly outscales enemy hp even into itherian realms 200+