Cursor moving upwards

Hi, so the problem is that in the menu, the cursor is moving upwards without me doing anything. I unplugged all controllers and disabled all controller settings in steam. If I start the game with a ps4 controller, it is moving faster upwards, like there are two controller which are holding up.
I play on windows, game version 1.0.4.

This typically happens in two cases:

  1. You have a gamepad either plugged in or it’s using Bluetooth. You said you unplugged everything, so I guess this isn’t the case. You might want to try disabling Bluetooth just to be safe, though.

  2. There are some outdated or corrupted gamepad drivers that are causing a problem. Can you try to update the ones you’re using or uninstall the ones you don’t need and see if that helps?

I uninstalled all gamepad drivers I found, but it didn´t help.
Bluetooth is disabled.

Have you tried restarting your computer after uninstalling the drivers?

Okay now it works, thanks for the help!