Daily Realm and Dye Previews

Here are a few examples of the new Dye system. As you can see, there’s a new interface that shows what the creature looks like before and after it is dyed:

Here’s my Crypt Bat with Blood Dye:

Here’s my Servant Hunter with Fuchsia Dye:

Here’s my Skeleton Mortarman with Steel Blue Dye:

Here’s my Fallen Carnage with Tomato Dye:

And finally, here’s my Skeleton Gunslinger with Chocolate Dye:

And yes, Dye also changes the color of your creatures’ overworld sprites.


As for Daily Realms, I figured I’d use this post to give an overview of how the prize system works.

As I said before, you can complete one Daily Realm per day. Each time you successfully complete a realm (kill all the enemies and complete the Duty), the difficulty of the next day’s Daily Realm will increase and you’ll gain +1 to your “win streak”. If you die, your steak is reset back to 0.

After reaching a certain win streak, you’ll receive a prize. Unlike most other loot in the game, these prizes won’t be quite as random. For example, at the time of writing this post, a win streak of 9 will give you 5 Golden Tickets, and a win streak of 10 will give you a Nether Orb. This system is interesting because it’s the first time players have some form of control over the loot they receive - in fact, I expect many players to try to manipulate the system and purposely break their streak so they can start all over again to try to get multiple Nether Orbs, or whatever other item they need. That’s completely fine, and it’s a pretty cool side-effect of the way the loot system works. Although, I might advise against breaking your streak considering how amazing some of the prizes are at, for example, a win streak of 50.

The first 15 win streaks all award a prize. These prizes are immediately useful at all levels so that players can invest these items to build up their team to have a better chance at beating the next Daily Realm. For example, if a player breaks his streak at 10 wins, he’ll have accumulated a lot of items to help his team grow in strength so that next time, he might be able to get a streak of 12.

After a streak of 15, a pre-determined prize will only be awarded every 5 streaks. Every streak between those (for example, 17 or 23 - anything that isn’t a multiple of 5) will simply award additional random loot as if you’re opening a giant treasure chest. Every win streak that is a multiple of 5 will also give you a certain color of Dye.